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Bio Sculpture Gel vs. Acrylic

Healthier Nail Care

Soft Touch Nail Glamour

1. What is the difference between preparing the nail plate for Bio Sculpture® Gel and for acrylics?

When preparing the nail plate for a Bio Sculpture® Gel treatment there is only minimal and light buffing of the

nail in order to remove all traces of oils and dry skin, using the very softest of buffs. This is unlike acrylic

applications, which use dehydrating primers and bonding liquids and scratch the surface with harsh buffing, therefore

damaging the nail at the outset of application. Bio Sculpture® Gel achieves the best results with a nourished and

rehydrated nail. Bio Sculpture® Gel’s philosophy is to refrain from damaging the natural nail and to have as

little buffing and filing of the natural nail as possible. NO ABRASIVE and DAMAGING ELECTRIC DRILLS are used

in Bio Sculpture® Gel Treatments.

Are Your Nails Dehydrated?

2. Does Bio Sculpture® Gel dehydrate or rehydrate the nail plate? Why?

Bio Sculpture® Gel always promotes a healthy nail plate, so rehydration is part of how the system works, with

accompanying treatments that compliment and nurture the nail. Bio Sculpture® Gel’s Lavender Base 

and Executive Base are multi-functional treatments which condition the natural nail. In contrast,

acrylic application requires the nail plate be dehydrated using primers and bonders therefore

creating weak, brittle natural nails.

Ingredients Plus

3. What is the difference in ingredients between Bio Sculpture® Gel and acrylics?

Bio Sculpture® Gel is the only gel brand in the world to receive the International 5 Star Farmovs Parexel rating

for efficacy and tolerability. Bio Sculpture® Gel does not contain any MMA, parabens, phthalates, toluene or

formaldehyde, as a result of this, Bio Sculpture® Gel is a proud supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

There are no overpowering or toxic odours and little dust as a result of minimal buffing, hence no face masks are

worn by Bio Sculpture® Gel technicians.

Hygiene Supreme

4. What is the difference in application between Bio Sculpture® Gel and acrylics?

Bio Sculpture® Gel is applied straight out of a sterile pot eliminating the need to mix powders with liquids in the

salon, making it a far simpler and more hygienic process. As Bio Sculpture® Gel doesn’t set until it is cured

under a UV light, it’s easier to work with and to achieve a perfect gel application. Furthermore,

Bio Sculpture® Gel technicians don’t use drills or facemasks - the treatment is gentle and never ever painful.

Beauty With Benefits

5. Does Bio Sculpture® Gel damage your nail plate?

Application of Bio Sculpture® Gel does not damage the natural nail at all as there is no need for roughing or

dehydrating the nail plate. The Bio Sculpture® Gel mantra is “Healthier Nail Care” and the ingredients in the gel

serve to enhance the condition of the natural nail, proving to be a helping hand to nail biters, who usually find

significant growth and the return of nails which they can be proud of.

Non-chip, Instant Dry

6. Why should people with naturally strong or healthy nails wear Bio Sculpture® Gel?

Polished and manicured nails on fingers or toes, even the naturally strongest, will chip and wear after only a few

days. In contrast, Bio Sculpture® Gel application gives a non-chip, smudge-proof and fade resistant colour for

up to 3 weeks – saving you time and money. Application dries within seconds under UV light,

ensuring that clients are good to go in great style, immediately after application.

Imagine being able to take your keys out of your hand bag without smudging your newly treated nails or

putting on your stockings or boots on after having a Gel application on your Toes?